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Design-savvy Website Development for Design Professionals

You design. I advise and code — including integration with a customized content management system — and provide friendly training videos. We win (including the client)!

Let me support, extend, and improve what you offer to your clients.*

I have a formal design education and have been working on the web professionally since 1999. I know a lot, am learning more all the time, and also know what I don’t know (if you know what I mean).

Content management is not a commodity, and I take great pride in Craft-ing the CMS experience to streamline site editing; client-collaborators (and their clients) love the video tutorials I create that make training a breeze and completely portable.

If we’re using a sitebuilder like Squarespace you can even hand off some design responsibilities to me. Let me “rough out” the first pass and then you can art-direct the process.

* someone told me I should point out that I don’t try to poach clients, as if I’d even think about doing that

Bio for proposals

If we’ve already discussed your project here is some bio text you can adapt for your proposal.

Kirk Roberts is a seasoned web developer who has worked in the field since 1999. In addition to being a skilled developer he brings a designer’s eye and problem-solving skills to the project, enhancing the team with usability and aesthetic guidance and integrity. Kirk is fluent with semantic html, CSS, and JavaScript, and has extensive experience working with PHP-based content management systems (CMSes) and third-party SaaS (software as a service) integrations. He is frugal by nature and solutions-focused with a mind toward the big picture. And he likes to laugh.

Until we met Kirk, we never encountered a developer that returned a website exactly as we designed it. His personality shines and his temperament is very calming. Really, he’s the perfect person you would want to collaborate with on this kind of very detailed work. He is always willing and available to answer any questions every step of the way. We would highly recommend him, no question.

Partner and Director of Design at Enrich Creative
St. Louis, MO