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I collaborate directly with a special kind of person.

You’re my kind of special if you…

Together, we’ll quickly develop and launch a simple version of your new (or improved) website and then immediately start the process of prioritized enhancements.

Why not make it “perfect” before launching?

It’s about recognizing the internet as a special medium. A website is never “done.” It will (should!) evolve over time so the best thing for us to do is

  1. get your simple-version website live NOW using a flexible system
  2. make changes according to real-world needs and feedback

Kirk is very intentional is his design and development. He makes you think about your business from many perspectives and how new visitors to your site will react to its content. He was able to take my fragmented thoughts and ideas and create a cohesive design that was precisely what I was looking for. In addition to being good at what he does, Kirk brings a Zen-like vibe to the table which is quite refreshing and translates into the final product.

Principal and Owner, KPM Financial
Charlotte, NC

Choosing the right path

When your budget is precious, here is how we can best invest it:

  • establishing your goals
  • developing your messaging, structure, and content
  • selecting the right tools
  • customizing a well-chosen template
  • navigating the technical hurdles

The result will be a website you are proud of and that you can easily maintain yourself (if you want to). Website bliss.

If not now, when?

I want to demystify the process for you and make it enjoyable and efficient so you can get on with the real business of your business.

Take advantage of a free 27-minute consultation to help you get started on the right path. If we aren’t a match to collaborate I’ll still offer whatever resources I have, because sharing is caring.