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Website Conversion Using Squarespace

Chances are good your website will be better powered by Squarespace.

Once upon a time maybe someone told you to use Wordpress or some other CMS. And now you’re finding out it isn’t the fairy tale you thought it would be:

Maybe your site just looks old. Maybe it still doesn’t use responsive layout for mobile devices!

Time to freshen things up.

Squarespace’s hosted platform provides:

Let’s take your existing site and your direction and turn it into a beautiful and useful Squarespace site, making some “low-hanging fruit” improvements to design, structure, functionality, and usability tweaks along the way.

As a designer and developer I can provide expert guidance on “look and feel” and user experience and dig into custom code if we need it. And then I can provide as much training as you want to get you started (live or by video).

Get in touch and we can determine if your site is a good candidate to be improved by switching to Squarespace.

Kirk has been an invaluable partner for my business. While I am not afraid of technology and like to be creative, website infrastructure can be a little bit overwhelming to me. Knowing Kirk was an email away was such a relief as I took on the task of refreshing my website. He’s quick to respond and always thorough. If I am stuck or need help understanding how to achieve something, Kirk not only provided that support, but he’d give links and examples to help me understand. I’m so pleased with my end result and I’m grateful to know he’s part of my team.

Organizing + Productivity Consultant
Hood River, OR