All lives can’t matter until black lives matter. (2024)

Theme Song

This is what would play at the beginning of my television show, which obviously would be created using clay-mation.

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Theme Song Lyrics

Websites, websites, websites
Kirk Roberts!
Websites, websites, websites

Kirk makes websites
Really great sites
He’ll make one for you
He’ll make one with you

(Make the people say)
I love your website (yeah, I love it)
You gotta great website
I love you and your website

(That’ll make you say)
“Kirk is the man
He took all my web dreams and made a plan
Rocked it hard and made me smile

“And now everyone is so impressed...
With my really great website”

Websites, websites
Kirk Roberts!
Websites, websites, websites


I owe it all to super-talented composer/musician Michael T. Roberts (who also happens to be my brother) and his entourage of awesome collaborators, including Josh Nadelberg (lead vocals) and Chris “Spoony” Webber (backing vocals).