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I love it when a good collaboration comes together.

What people say about our working relationship is as important to me as the quality of what we produce. Here is what a few valued collaborators have to say.

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Future Valued Collaborator

We spent years wandering around in the desert for a talented and reliable web designer, and then we found Kirk Roberts. Kirk’s approach combines deep skill with programming, creative design vision, and an ability to get complex tasks done efficiently. Since we found Kirk, we are able to send in our updates and new ideas and see them come to life within a few days. Kirk has transformed our organization’s ability to communicate, respond, dream, and move ahead with our ideas. Thank you Kirk!

Founder, World Leadership School and Co-Founder, TeachUNITED
Boulder, CO

Kirk has been an invaluable partner for my business. While I am not afraid of technology and like to be creative, website infrastructure can be a little bit overwhelming to me. Knowing Kirk was an email away was such a relief as I took on the task of refreshing my website. He’s quick to respond and always thorough. If I am stuck or need help understanding how to achieve something, Kirk not only provided that support, but he’d give links and examples to help me understand. I’m so pleased with my end result and I’m grateful to know he’s part of my team.

Organizing + Productivity Consultant
Hood River, OR

I loved working with Kirk on my new website. The patience and guidance along the way was very much appreciated and now I have a website of which I’m extremely proud of. He has taught me to how use the system so that I feel comfortable making changes as time progresses. Kirk is a person that I’m glad to know and recommend, He’s responsive, he values my time, he charges a fair price and is very knowledgeable with Website Building. I consider choosing Kirk to help me as the best decision I’ve made for my business!

William Boyle, Chair Maker
Belvidere, IL

Kirk did things to our website that I didn’t even know was possible. We were considering changing website platforms completely, but then Kirk figured out a way to make magic happen with pop up’s, custom cart features, and even helped our dev team out with more complicated tasks. He’s too professional for a one man biz lol. Definitely recommended if you are trying to add custom features to a Squarespace website.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Kirk, you and I have been working together for 5 years and through your guidance, I have a website that attracts attention, praise and business leads. Beyond a friendly voice when I need help with website management, you have freed me up to focus on other parts of my business that make it fun to come to work everyday. Thank you Kirk for your availability and direct approach in making my acupuncture practice a success. You get a thumbs up from me.

Loocie Brown Acupuncture
Lexington, MA

Kirk delivers when others can’t, won’t, or don’t. When Covid hit in 2020 we needed to change our entire business model overnight. I hired a midsized agency who wanted a large chunk of money up front. During my search I also found Kirk and hired him to help me with the Squarespace site I had made as an MVP [Minimum Viable Product]. Two and a half years later the site from the agency never materialized and that MVP has evolved into a beautiful mess that works exceptionally well. Kirk has a calm persistence that allows him to take a storm of ideas and distill them into an eloquent drink. His pay as you go retainer model is the only way that I will engage in web development going forward and I plan to use Kirk as a confidant/consultant on all thing’s www!

Owner, Platinum Fundraising
Fort Lauderdale, FL

I dreaded the prospect of creating a new website. I wanted it done, and knew it was time, but uggh. I’d been through the process twice before, but previously, I’d always gone it alone. After my husband had a successful experience with Kirk, he suggested I give him a try. My husband and I agree on a lot of things, but service providers are often not among them, so I found myself highly skeptical!

Then a little magic happened, and Kirk held my hand through the whole process. I won’t say it was always easy, because it wasn’t. The effort and challenges of projecting myself into the world in bite sized pieces was hard! And yet, Kirk never gave up. He made thoughtful and provocative suggestions that took me down paths I might not have explored.

The result of our collaboration feels like me! And yet, so much of it was Kirk... including his willingness to accept feedback and recalibrate when we found ourselves going off course. I’d absolutely recommend Kirk to anyone I like. If you’re a jerk, don’t use Kirk. He’s a good guy, and deserves better!

Transition Coach & Life Guide
Lexington, MA

I’m so happy to have you in my corner for your support, kindness, strength, humor, guidance, creativity and expertise. I have learned from you about true collaboration. You have simplified and clarified for public presentation, who I am and what I do. My voice comes through – you have really listened to me, and gleaned the essential message of my work. The way you’ve used my artwork to illustrate the text like a picture book, has been sheer genius. Thank you Kirk – you are a website rock star!

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Brennan Healing Science Practitioner
Vero Beach, FL

Kirk worked with me on the third iteration of my website. I know people don’t typically like to dive into other people’s sloppy seconds (or thirds), but Kirk was gracious, fun, fast, and an excellent problem solver. He was able to navigate and clean-up the flaws and messiness of the previous design and infrastructure. There’s a lot I don’t know or understand about websites. Kirk talked me through and recorded unique tutorials for me so I could learn to do things myself - and was never condescending. He found efficiencies that I would never know to ask for and smoothed out the layout to make my site look professional and clean. Highly recommend!

Producer/Partner at K&L Productions
Los Angeles, CA

Kirk is a top quality collaborator and creative genius for my online presence. Working with Kirk over the past decade has proven to be a wide investment and a joy. He is super professional and always has the right answer to my questions. In fact, he often has answers to questions I didn’t know I had! Hire him. You won’t regret it.

Creative High Growth Mentor and Spiritual Director to the Creatively Driven
Santa Fe, NM

Kirk quickly got to the essence of what I do for my clients, and created a website that conveys both passion and professionalism. Through storytelling and powerful graphics, the website draws prospective clients in, giving them inspiration and ultimately confidence in me and my services. New clients routinely comment on how much they like my website. Beyond the final product, the process of working with Kirk was just so easy. He kept me focused and on track, knew when to push back, and kept it stress-free. Thank you Kirk!

Daley Educational Consulting
Portsmouth, NH

Working with Kirk for my website was like a dream coming true. After struggling for years in many fits and starts to get the message that was me onto a website I was going to give up and say “oh well it’s too much work, etc”. Then I connected with Kirk and after our initial consultation it was clear that we would be able to work well together. I was looking for a design that was not like others in my industry (real estate), something that captured my style as well as incorporating must haves. Kirk was able to pull out my vision, interpret it and create a site that is much more me. I didn’t know what I was looking for but the new site is it! Thank you!

Real Estate Broker - Premier Associate
Greater Boston Area, MA

Kirk helped us redesign and update our website to be mobile-first. We made the switch and our site is running faster and smoother than before. Kirk helped make this process as painless as possible. He took time to understand our brand and goals for the website before diving in. He is a wonderful communicator and was also willing to work with different people, from ticketing to our company president, to reach a successful end result. Kirk is very easy to work with, very knowledgeable, and responsive. He was able to adapt to my work schedule and willing to explain things in non-condescending, laymen's terms. Very personable. We were able to keep some of our design aspects from the previous version to retain brand identification, to the point that most people do not realize the change has been made. They just know it works better on their phones. That in itself is amazing!!!!!

Marketing Communications Manager, Tweetsie Railroad
Blowing Rock, NC

Kirk is pretty freakin’ fantastic. I’ve worked with website developers a couple of other times and what he offers is an order of magnitude beyond what I’ve experienced before. He broke down the tasks into manageable bites and took inspiration from written words and conversations and random thoughts I shared to create a website that feels just like we hoped it would. He is speedy, knowledgeable, compassionate, and funny and had our website up far sooner than I had imagined was possible. And our site is more amazing than I could have dreamed!

Codirector at RISE: Healthy for Life
Kingsport, TN

Kirk is the human version of those bumpers on the sides of bowling lanes, keeping me from feeling like I’m about to end up in the gutters. His sense of vision, his refined taste, his ability to ask incisive questions, along with his knowledge when it comes to pushing me to both speak and appeal to my audience kept me in the center of the lane rather than drifting off. My websites are beautiful and the process was efficient in ways it could have easily been a lot of wasted effort. Overall, it was way more fun than bowling – and bowling’s fun.

Leadership & Organizational Development Consultant + Crisis Counselor
Culver City, CA

Kirk provided details and knowledge into the web design world that was easy to understand and manage. This streamlined approach allowed our company to focus on gathering all the content necessary to implement the vision and goals of our website project which has served as a successful marketing tool for our client. Kirk’s attention to detail, positive attitude and timely deliverables make him an excellent creative partner who I highly recommend for all your web design and development needs.

former Design & Business Director at Open Mind Studios
Sheboygan, WI

Kirk is very intentional is his design and development. He makes you think about your business from many perspectives and how new visitors to your site will react to its content. He was able to take my fragmented thoughts and ideas and create a cohesive design that was precisely what I was looking for. In addition to being good at what he does, Kirk brings a Zen-like vibe to the table which is quite refreshing and translates into the final product.

Principal and Owner, KPM Financial
Charlotte, NC

Working with Kirk on my web site was a really comfortable and productive experience. In comparison to other site developers I’ve used, he was by far the easiest to deal with as well as the most reasonably priced. There were minimal changes once he sent his “first pass.” The improved web site represents me and my offerings spot-on. He is so genuine and clever about how to represent people and their offerings to the cyberworld. I think this is due to his keen insight into people, his humor, and integrity. If there is ever a question about changing the site again, he is my “go-to.”

Mindfulness meditation leader and community activist
Johnson City, TN

Pick your pop culture reference: Kirk is A) your personal Vulcan science officer, mind-melding you logically balanced project recommendations, or B) your personal Jedi master, sensing your deep website disturbances and helping you overcome them with warrior-monk skill.

My task was daunting: I had to launch a podcast AND revamp, rethink, rebuild, and relaunch my website along with it. And I had to do both fast. Without Kirk’s wise counsel, personal encouragement, and technical skill, I would still be locked in agonizing analysis paralysis. Kirk is the Vulcan Jedi science officer master you’re looking for.

Sports brand designer helping teams win more fans
Atlanta, GA

Kirk came highly recommended from a former colleague who had many great things to say about his creative style. I am so grateful to have been introduced to him during our start-up phase when we were in need of not only a website, but we needed to finalize our brand and messaging. The help Kirk provided was invaluable and assisted us in shaping our company brand. Kirk took time to collaborate throughout the process to ensure that what was “in our heads” was coming to life through the website. Web designers are everywhere and sometimes it is hard to filter through what separates one from another. Kirk is not just a web designer, but a creative partner who can anticipate your needs often times before you are able to communicate them yourself. Kirk exceeded all expectations and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for more than just a web designer, but a partner who is with you through this creative process every step of the way.

President at Classic Choice Payroll Solutions
Wilsonville, OR

I needed a slick website in a hurry. I had limited skills. Kirk got the concept right, blocked it out, and asked me the questions I needed to answer to get the content in shape. With a few quick tutorials I was able to run with it, adding pictures and content on my own. In just a few weeks we #nailedit. I have received so many compliments on my slick website!

Health Care Innovator and Local Political Candidate
Johnson City, TN

I was referred to work with Kirk to create the website for my new venture, and I am so grateful I received the introduction! At a time that I was feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of building the robust site I had mapped out, Kirk was a great partner. I focused on content creation as he built a wonderful site for me to pour in my words and images.

Kirk went beyond doing outstanding coding and creating pristine consistent formatting throughout the site. He offered excellent guidance to me related to navigation and structure. He trained me to use the content management tools, even making videos for the tricky things, or things that would not come up for me on a regular basis. I have been able to keep the site up to date with ease.

Most of all, Kirk is even, assured, and brings calm — and humor and humanity — to the work. That had a big impact for me. It made a challenging project a pleasure.

My website has been a great tool for communicating effectively with prospective clients. Kirk deserves a lot of the credit for the success I’ve had!

President at Rochelle Seltzer :: Creative Core Coach / Coaching women to Live Big
Boston, MA

When I turn on my computer, I have one goal and that is to walk away from it as soon as I can. I have worlds of patience for many things in my life but none for digital technology. Kirk takes care of all the needs of my little cyber world. He responds quickly to my e-mail questions and waits patiently for my belated responses. He listens to and implements my request while humoring my Luddite personality. He knows what he is doing and I would recommend him without hesitation.

Windsor Chairmaker
Jonesborough, TN

Five Stars. I have nothing but great things to say about Kirk Roberts. I approached the renovation of my 10-year-old Web site with enormous resistance, and on my first call with Kirk immediately realized that I was in competent and compassionate hands. Kirk is intuitive, talented, artful, fun to work with, and incredibly responsive.

Kirk works collaboratively and is a true partner. He served not only as designer and developer, but also as teacher and coach. He shepherded, taught, listened, supported, asked all the right questions, and turned the information into a quick, clean, beautiful Web site that reflects me and my work.

I have enjoyed this process more than I ever imagined and look forward to more work with Kirk.

Conflict and Communication Skills Specialist, Author, Leadership Coach
Portsmouth, NH

One of the things I like most about working with Kirk is how fast he is to answer my questions. Usually when I have a website issue I want an answer Right Now, and Kirk comes pretty close to providing that. He also assumes the best regarding my ability to fix website issues myself. He gives me the information I need to get the job done, and usually I can do it. This saves me money and builds my confidence. Our website is beautiful, functional, and easily maintained.

President at Lifeforce Glass, Inc.
Kingsport, TN

As a designer specializing in print work, I was faced with two challenges: drafting a website to showcase my work, and finding a web developer to help make it a reality. From the moment I contacted Kirk he instilled a sense of expert competency, tremendous support and true collaboration. He listened carefully to my thoughts, concerns and goals for the site, and then mapped out a cohesive strategy and timeline to get the job done. He took my comps for the site's design and seamlessly implemented an intuitive content management system that allows me to make quick and easy updates to keep the content current. Through the entire process, Kirk was always supportive, accessible, patient and thoroughly dependable. The results of our collaboration far exceeded my expectations. Simply put, Kirk’s the man!

Graphic design solutions for nonprofits and small businesses
Louisville, KY

You know that teammate who completes your thoughts when you are playing Pictionary and together you are unstoppable? That’s Kirk when it comes to partnering on web sites. He has an innate sense of knowing how to make my designs come to life beautifully. The subtleties of white space, font size, asymmetry and adhering to the design as it was designed are never lost on him. Because of that, we stay well within budget and deliver on time every time. He always chooses the perfect, elegantly simple Content Management System for each project, so if he makes a recommendation, I trust it, even if I am not personally acquainted with it. He provides video tutorials to get me and my clients up to speed so that we are not in the dark and have a resource months down the road. Not only is he easy to work with technically but he makes me laugh just about every time we email or talk on the phone. Which is also true for my clients and they make sure to tell me. Kirk upholds the professionalism and brand voice of my firm when he is interacting with my clients. I feel lucky to have found Kirk.

Principal, DBG Design
Portsmouth, NH

Kirk is, quite simply, the best developer I have ever worked with. He possesses a rare combination of design sensibilities and technical prowess that results in consistently amazing deliverables. He thinks like a designer, but he works like a developer. He knows technology, but he speaks in plain english – so I can understand what he’s talking about. He’s easy to work with and isn’t afraid to have a hard conversation. He understands deadlines and respects budgets. I know my projects are in good hands when Kirk is working on them. And I know the results will be exactly what I asked for, and oftentimes more.

Owner + Creative Director :: TypeOrange
Milwaukee, WI