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“It depends” is the only reasonable answer to the question “how much does it cost to make a website?”

The majority of my recent projects have been in the $1500 - 8000 range. We can talk about what your particular needs are and go from there.

Hourly Billing

I work for you on an hourly basis. Over the years I’ve come to believe very strongly that this is the most efficient, productive, and fair arrangement for everyone.

Website projects demand fluidity. We estimate a range based on what we know now, set priorities, and get to work. Discoveries are made along the way, priorities may change, and we can adapt nimbly.

There are other perks, too: projects get started faster and can be easily structured in stages, the “website mindset” is set early on, and we continuously ask “what is the best thing for us to do next?”

The Flexible Retainer

All of my clients use the Flexible Retainer plan, pre-paying for a reduced-rate block of time that we then use as needed. There is no minimum time usage per-request and the retainer never expires. More details can be found on the Flexible Retainer page.

For clients who need to track invoices (perhaps to bill their clients for my time spent) I have a client portal, updated daily.