I think my real portfolio is my testimonials page, but I’m going to link to a few sites you can check out to get a general idea.

Disclaimer: these sites show the products of other collaborations, which might be wildly different from what we’ll create together.

Direct Collaboration

The baseline with all direct collaboration is “clean, professional, modern, and responsive.” In these cases I teamed with the site owner as a general consultant and we used templates selected and customized for appropriateness.

Subcontract Design Extrapolation

I work with design companies who want to offload the website part of package projects. Usually this means I take brand identity and print materials they have created and use the look & feel to create the website, with the designer providing oversight.

Subcontract Coding

Working with a designer, I was responsible for technical consultation, creating the code to make the site work online, integrating a customized CMS, and providing training videos as needed.

Now you’re in the ballpark. Many more samples are available upon request.