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Sometimes, you just need a person to be there for website help.

Maybe it’s even just to talk about an idea or a question.

I collaborate with a variety of people to maintain their websites: offering qualified advice, making small changes here or there, fixing things, adding or removing functionality, and more. My Flexible Retainer payment plan was developed so small needs can be met nimbly with minimal billing and bookkeeping.

Even if your website’s technology is not on my list of CMSes & Tools I Use I may be able to help (or point you to someone who can).

When I turn on my computer, I have one goal and that is to walk away from it as soon as I can. I have worlds of patience for many things in my life but none for digital technology. Kirk takes care of all the needs of my little cyber world. He responds quickly to my e-mail questions and waits patiently for my belated responses. He listens to and implements my request while humoring my Luddite personality. He knows what he is doing and I would recommend him without hesitation.

Windsor Chairmaker
Jonesborough, TN