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The Hourly Billing Renaissance

Maybe hourly billing isn’t the bugaboo I’ve been led to believe.

In fact, maybe it’s EXACTLY what I need to have my dream professional life, and maybe it’s actually better for my clients, too.

In other words, perhaps ALL the work I do should use the Flexible Retainer model.

I’ve tried it a few times now, and am happy to report it has gone really well.

Projects get started faster. I still need to estimate, but the estimates are much more “ballpark” and presented in a range. Project agreements are simpler.

Projects tend to launch sooner. We focus on producing rapid improvements. I can switch roles fluidly as needed to help the project succeed. Flow is enhanced. It simply feels easier and more natural.

My clients trust me, and I work hard to earn that trust. The relationship feels even more like a collaborative partnership rather than vendor/buyer.

For years and years I was told (and believed) that fixed-fee was the best way to work.

Now I realize that hourly work may have much broader applications and benefits than previously thought.

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