All lives can’t matter until black lives matter.


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Rock Balancing And The Art Of Presentation

Years ago I became interested in stacking rocks, like you see in motivational posters that say “BALANCE”. An idea came to me: what if I took found "normal" rock stacks and, using the same rocks, tried to create balances that are more dramatic?

I Will Be A Hummingbird

A hummingbird helps fight a raging fire, a drop of water at a time. Remembering the moral of this story inspired me. Here’s what I did.

Conspiracy Santa: The Anti-Grinch

Group gift-giving made way more fun, collaborative, on-target, and mindfully less voluminous. Perfect for teams or families, at holidays or anytime a group gift-exchange is in order.

The Hourly Billing Renaissance

Maybe hourly billing isn’t the bugaboo I’ve been led to believe. In fact, maybe it’s EXACTLY what I need to have my dream professional life, and maybe it’s actually better for my clients, too.

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