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New Website & Studio Update

First, the big news: I have a new website.

I knew my site needed to be more logically segmented, more clear, more concise, more revealing... just more better all-around. I even added some links to example sites and put real testimonials on there.

And… I’m eating my own dog-food by launching with a bare-bones version and gradually working down an evolving list of improvements.

Please check out my new site! Constructive feedback is welcome (just reply to this email).

Six months in

It’s been about six months since I opened the new business. Some might say “re-opened”, because I’m doing very similar work as I did at Kirk Roberts Design. That’s true, yet it feels very different.

In short, I’m much happier to be here. The year off — a sort of sabbatical — was a good thing. Investigating other potential lines of work was a good thing. I re-centered and realized how important conscious life design is. In some ways it was a surprise to come back to this work, but it feels good in the head and the heart. I’ve unburied my love of the medium and am noticing and correcting the less-than-positive patterns that contributed to the decision to take time off. I’m generally refreshed and re-committed to service and lifelong learning.

It’s been interesting to have a mix of clients who have “come back” from the previous business and others who are new to me. I’m really glad to have the opportunity to help each one as best as I can. It’s an honor and a privilege.

Let’s collaborate

My availability can be spotty — that’s the nature of freelance work — but I’m always happy to offer a free consultation to discuss potential new collaborations.

Maybe you have a website project coming up, or maybe you know someone else who does (referrals mean the world to me).

In either case, I’m here to help.

Let’s connect to discuss the possibilities.

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