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In It To Grin It :-)

A few months ago I decided to train for a half-marathon. This past weekend I ran the race. Here are some things that came out of the experience that I hope you’ll find worthwhile and applicable. Just replace "running" with "life-ing", "runners" with "humans", "the race" with "my day", etcetera.

A New Battery

A bit about voluntary simplicity, smart phones, and other stuff.

How To Take Your Own “Professional” Portrait

Every marketing website should have quality photographs of the people involved. Nay, not just photos... Portraits! You may not have the resources to hire a professional portraitist, so here are some tips to do it yourself.

I Buy, Therefore I Am

Years ago I read “Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping” by Judith Levine, just for fun. Then, years later, I read it again (for even more fun!). It was an experiment I wanted to toy with sometime, if not fully take on.

Rock Balancing And The Art Of Presentation

Years ago I became interested in stacking rocks, like you see in motivational posters that say “BALANCE”. An idea came to me: what if I took found "normal" rock stacks and, using the same rocks, tried to create balances that are more dramatic?

I Will Be A Hummingbird

A hummingbird helps fight a raging fire, a drop of water at a time. Remembering the moral of this story inspired me. Here’s what I did.

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