I strive to live a mindful life and ask good questions.

I do my best to make things right, trusting experience and that little voice.

I’ve worked as a graphic designer and web developer since 1999 (full-time since 2000) and owned my own full-time business since 2006. The whole time I’ve had an interest in social science experiments, branding, and the power of using the right words.

I’m a graduate of the prestigious (and grueling) graphic design program at Portfolio Center in Atlanta and hold a BA in Art History from Davidson College (NC).

Portrait of Kirk Roberts

Details that (may) Matter

I have a small daily meditation and yoga practice. I’m a runner, even when I’m not running. I organize the Johnson City Community Drum Circle and play drum set. I’m a spouse, a parent, and a compulsive declutterer. I try to only declutter my own things (unless asked). I believe in Right Speech. I love pizza. I dislike camping. I played football from 5th grade through college. I am a board game geek. I graduated from high school twice. I am a fan of the teachings of Brené Brown. I grew up in Connecticut and have lived in North Carolina, Georgia, California, and now Tennessee (since 2006). My favorite movie is This Is Spinal Tap. I believe in “don’t just do something, sit there”. I am a longtime fan of the NFL’s Detroit Lions (who will definitely win the Super Bowl soon). I like making lists. I strive to be an island of service and calm simplicity in this big complex world.

Let’s connect to talk about the possibilities