You + Me = Website Bliss

I collaborate with two types of people (all otherwise unique, of course):

  1. Design principals, creating websites for their clients — usually as a technician/coder
  2. Business owners, creating a website for their business — usually as a consultant/designer/just-make-it-be-awesome person

I can sometimes be a bit of a coach and cheerleader as well. It comes naturally but I can tone that down if you want.

These are some of the skills I can bring to our relationship.

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Code + Technical Skills
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Design + Messaging Awareness
Illustration of to-do checklist
Organization Skills
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Communication Skills
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Sense of Humor

I’m a coder with a graphic design diploma. I care about aesthetics and messaging just as much as behaviors and optimization (and know that they’re all related). I love making things that are beautiful and purposefully functional. I’ve been doing this professionally since 1999 and started my own website consultancy in 2007. Your joy in our working relationship and product are not just important to me, they are my full-time job and how I support my family.

Rest assured, our website creation is going to look great, function well, and be easy to update. It’s going to live long and help you prosper. You’re going to love sending people to it. Like I said at the top: website bliss.


Every client has different priorities. To give me an idea of yours, why not go ahead and write the ecstatic testimonial you’d like to be able to give after our upcoming collaboration? Then share it with me so we’re on the same page about what a successful outcome will be. Here are a few ideas to get you started (from actual clients).

What I want to give and get in our relationship

  • Organization: we have a signed project agreement with scope, schedule, and investment.
  • Clear and on-time communication: we both listen, seek to understand, and use our words wisely.
  • Teamwork: we both feel that we’re in this together on reasonably equal grounding and want to see each other succeed.
  • Mirth: we both have fun and can laugh while we get the job done right.
  • Viability: we value our time and skills and charge appropriately.
  • Presence: video “chats” are possible for our meetings because seeing faces is very helpful.
  • Flexibility: we find positive compromises when needed to move the project forward.
  • Compassion: we respect that everyone involved is a human being with a complex life.
  • Improvement: if something isn’t right, we speak up for everyone’s benefit.

My typical project roles

  • Technical consultant: how hard/expensive is it to collaborate on XYZ? What tools are available?
  • Process consultant: how can we structure our web project process to make it better for everyone?
  • Design extrapolator: taking existing materials and extending the look and feel into new website elements.
  • Front-end developer: creating all the html/CSS/JavaScript to make the website function beautifully in a browser.
  • Design/brand/messaging oversight: helping to ensure an appropriate and consistent tone in look, content, and behaviors.
  • Third-party tools integrator: add ecommerce, email lists, e-whatever using appropriate services.
  • General technician: handling domain pointing and other behind-the-scenes string-pulling.
  • CMS integrator: enable site updates through a quality browser-based content management system.
  • CMS trainer: provide custom videos and documentation to help anyone get up to speed with the CMS.


I hold a B.A. in Art History from Davidson College (NC) and am a graduate of the graphic design program at Portfolio Center in Atlanta. Visual design isn’t my job anymore, but that background helps me be a better collaborator almost every day.

I’ve been working on websites professionally since 1999 and started my own full-time website consulting business in 2007.

Happy webbing,

Kirk Roberts

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This is me. I am about this slender and my head is about that big. I’ve been told I have a long torso. Sometimes I have a beard.

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